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Together we can make DC asthma-free.

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1 in 6 DC Residents Has Asthma

Asthma is a heavy burden on all District residents. Citywide asthma rates in DC are 50% higher than the U.S. average rate. Learn more about the impact of asthma on the lives of DC children and adults.

Source: CDC “Most Recent Asthma State Data.” DC 12% overall rate versus national rate of 8%


Need help to control your child's asthma?

In some areas of Washington, 1 in 3 children has asthma. That is more than twice the national average. Learn more about how to help your child keep asthma symptoms under control.

Source: District of Columbia Department of Health, 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Survey.


Want to help? The Coalition needs you.

The DC Asthma Coalition is a community partnership of local citizens, healthcare providers and nonprofit organizations united to fight asthma in our community. If you want to get involved, join DCAC today.

My Family's Struggle with Asthma in DC

A local mother shares her story and commits to being part of the solution: “My family’s struggle with asthma in DC has been stressful, troublesome and sadly, futile. I want to create more strategies for improved results and access to better care for children in all wards.”