Become a Coalition Member

We invite you to apply for Coalition membership as an individual member or as a representative of an organization dedicated to fighting asthma in the District of Columbia. By submitting the application form, you agree to: (1) Participate in DC Asthma Coalition activities, and (2) Promote the DC Asthma Coalition vision, mission, and activities with affiliated organizations.

If you have questions about Coalition membership, please contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Membership Application


Leadership Team Descriptions

DCAC maintains five teams which members are welcome to join.

  1. Leadership Team: Provides guidance on DCAC infrastructure and overall direction.
  2. Sustainability Team: Provides recommendations for economic support and strategy implementation feasibility.
  3. Policy & Advocacy Team: Plans policy interventions.
  4. Outreach & Communications Team: Plans community-based outreach interventions and DCAC media outreach.
  5. Program Team: Ensures that the District of Columbia’s Strategic Plan is reflected in the activities of the Asthma Coalition.